Breakfast is served from 9:00 a.m. to 1 p.m.

We prepare each breakfast with carefully selected, fresh ingredients (and we cook from scratch). During peak times, you might have to wait a little longer. Please be patient – you won’t regret it!

  • Small French Breakfast (sweet)5.50 €
    • Two fresh croissants, butter, jam
  • Small Bonngoût Breakfast5.90 €
    • One bread roll, sliced seed bread, butter, salami, Emmentaler cheese, jam, pickle
  • Large Bonngoût Breakfast (serves two)20.90 €
    • Various bread rolls, sliced seed bread, butter, cold cuts, sliced cheese, scrambled eggs, lox with creamed horseradish, cereal, yogurt,herbed farmer’s cheese, jam, honey, fruit salad, 2 glasses of orange juice, 1 can of Bonngoût prosecco (0.2 l)
  • Large French Breakfast10.90 €
    • One brioche, French white bread, one croissant, butter, French salami, French cheese selection, jam
  • Nordic Breakfast10.90 €
    • Wholegrain bread, crisp bread, lox, smoked trout, creamed horseradish, cottage cheese, shrimp salad, scrambled eggs
  • Mediterranean Breakfast10.90 €
    • Ciabatta bread, olive bread, butter, prosciutto di Parma with cantaloupe slices, Italian cold cuts and cheeses, Caprese tomato and mozzarella salad, marinated vegetables, fresh fruits
  • English Breakfast10.90 €
    • Toast, butter, marmalade; scrambled eggs with baked beans, crisp bacon, sausage links, and roasted tomato
  • Mom and Dad Breakfast9.90 €
    • Two bread roll halves, one with Emmentaler cheese on lettuce, one with prosciutto di Parma on arugula, vegetable sticks with a dip of herbed farmer’s cheese, chopped fruit
  • Kids’ Breakfast5.50 €
    • Bread roll (round or croissant-shaped), honey or nutella, butter, chocolate cereal with milk
  • Runners’ Breakfast9.90 €
    • Crisp bread, wholegrain bread, cream cheese, prosciutto, cereal with yogurt, fruits, and raw veggies, herbed farmer’s cheese
  • Food Sensitivity Breakfast11.90 €
    • Gluten-free bread, margarine, lactose-free cold cuts and cheeses, fruits, raw veggies, jam

Breakfast Extras

to order with or without one of the above breakfasts

  • Boiled Egg1.60 €
  • Herbed Farmer’s Cheese (homemade)1.80 €
  • Plain Scrambled Eggs With Herbs4,50 €
  • Farmer’s Cheese With Honey and Nuts4,50 €
  • Scrambled Eggs With Vegetables4.90 €
  • Farmer’s Cheese With Fruits4.50 €
  • Cereal With Milk3.50 €
  • Scrambled Eggs With Ham6,50 €
  • Cereal With Yogurt3.60 €
  • 2 Sunny-Side-Up Eggs With Herbs4,50 €
  • Crisp Bacon2.50 €
  • Yogurt With Fruits4.50 €
  • Yogurt with fruits, honey and nuts6,50 €
  • Fruit Salad4.90 €


On Sundays and holidays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., you can enjoy our large and delectable breakfast buffet.