Meat And Fish Dishes


  • Provencal Chicken Pot16,90 €
    • Eifel chicken breast fillet and chicken drumsticks braised in a pot with Provencal vegetables, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, lemon slices, herbs and garlic
  • Lammhackbällchen-Pot17.90 €
    • fresh lamb mince from the Eifel, refined with sheep’s cheese, dried tomatoes, olives and fresh herbs in a broth of tomato-sheep’s milk-Sugo
  • Veal liver fried19,90 €
    • with slices of apple and onion, refined with cherry tomatoes and fresh sage in a balsamic calvados jus
  • Viennese Schnitzel20.90 €
    • A veal cutlet sourced from regional farms, served with a warm salad of potatoes and cucumber with leek
  • Rump steak (200g)22,90 €
    • dryaged from the Eifel served with grilled vegetables, smoked honey sauce and sea salt

We season with fresh herbs, chili and garlic

All meat and fish dishes optionally with the following side dishes: home-made potato gratin, homemade mashed potatoes, rosemary baby potatoes, gnocchi alla rucola, fresh spaghettini

Fish and seasonal offers can be found on our monthly changing SPECIAL card.