Specials (english)

January & February

Soups & Appetizers & Refined

Cream soup of peas, mascarpone and basil

served with zander fillet, topped with baked Parma ham and pesto

€ 8,50

Carpaccio of fresh salmon fillet (100g)- really homemade -

served on wild herb saladwith goat’s cheese, fresh figs and green pepper, coated with fig mustard

€ 14,50

Fried pulpo with lots of herbs and lemon

served with a lukewarm tomato-chard-pumpkin-vegetable, prepared on mashed potatoes with oyster mushroom strips, coated with a melted paprika-garlic butter

€ 17,50

Vegetarian Specials

Ravioli with a filling of real truffles

served with a liaison of chard and pumpkin oyster mushrooms in a butter and white wine

€ 15,50

Quinoa burger- our street food newcomer

Quinoa patty (homemade) served in a gourmet burger bun layered with fried rocket, Avocado cream and stir-fried pumpkin varieties, au gratin with Gouda, with homemade Beetroot dressing and sweet potato fries

€ 15,50


Tagliarini with scallops

fresh tagliarini in a spicy white wine and paprika cream sauce, served with seared scallops and Cabanossi, finished with fresh rocket and red caviar

€ 17,90

Skrei Loin (winter cod fillet)

roasted on the skin with herbs and lemon – served on truffled potato mash and cabbage kohlrabi oyster mushroom pernod creamed vegetables

€ 23,50


Beef Bourguignon

Cube of roast beef in French red wine, Braised bay leaf and tomato paste, refined with shallots, carrots and mushrooms,served on creamy polenta

€ 15,90

Pork fillet in savoy cabbage

with root vegetables served on fried potato noodles with apple, spring leek and an oyster mushroom bacon sauce

€ 16,90

Bœuf Stroganoff

Fillet sautéed in hot butter in a sauce of golden onions, mushrooms, pickled cucumber, Sour cream, veal jus, seasoned with mustard and lemon juice, served with mashed potatoes

€ 23,50


Semolina pudding

conjured from soft semolina, egg yolk, orange and lemon abrasion, Grand Marnier and rum, sugar and salt, Cream, served with a pear stuffed with red fruit jelly with vanilla sauce

€ 8,50

Homemade tiramisu

Layered amaretto spoon biscuit with mascarpone egg cream and cocoa powder

€ 5,50

Menu Options

2-course menu (soup / main course or main course / dessert)

Price main course plus 5,00 €

3-course menu (soup / main course / dessert)

Price main course plus 10,00 €


We work almost exclusively with suppliers from the region and buy our seasonal products there. Because our experiences have taught us that the products present their full and full aroma in the growing season.

<ü>We use fresh herbs, here and there a little chili and a pinch of salt.

Our food is predominantly regional and seasonal prepared according to the ingredients. Still, you can get allergens include. We do without additional preparation Flavor enhancers like glutamate.

Cocktail ideas

Port Tonic

white port, grapefruit juice, tonic water

€ 7,50

Martini Tonic

Martini rosso, Cointreau, elderflower syrup, orange and Schweppes Tonic Water

€ 7,50

Aperol sour

Aperol, mineral water, lemon juice, sugar syrup

€ 7,50

Strawberry Margarita

white tequila, lemon juice, strawberry syrup, strawberries

€ 8,00

Pina Colada

white and brown rum, pineapple juice & cream

€ 8,50


Happy Hour (5 € / Cocktail): Mon – Sun: 18.-19. / 22.-23.00

Aperol, Ramazzotti Rosato, Lillet mixed drinks, Hugo. Of course, we also offer non-alcoholic cocktails.