Specials (english)

November / December

Soups & Refined

Cream soup of butternut squash and chestnuts

refined with ginger, nutmeg, pernod and cream, served with sesame oil, sunflower seeds and flaxseed and chorizo ​​sticks (spanish pepper sausage)

€ 7,90

Fried pulpo with lots of herbs and lemon

served with a lukewarm tomato-spinach-pumpkin-vegetable, prepared on mashed potatoes, coated with a melted paprika-garlic butter

€ 17,50

Carpaccio of fresh salmon fillet (100g)

- really homemade

served on wild herb salad with goat’s cheese, fresh figs and green pepper coated with fig mustard

€ 14,50


Our food is predominantly regional and seasonal prepared according to the ingredients. Still, you can get allergens include. We do without additional preparation Flavor enhancers like glutamate.

vegetarian Specials

Ravioli with a filling of real truffles

served with a liaison of chard, pumpkin and mushroom vegetables in a butter and white wine

€ 15,50

Quinoa burger- our street food newcomer

Quinoa patty (homemade) served in a gourmet burger bun, layered with fried rocket, Avocado cream and stir-fried pumpkin varieties, au gratin with Gouda, with homemade Beetroot dressing and sweet potato fries

€ 15,50


We work almost exclusively with suppliers from the region and buy our seasonal products there. Because our experiences have taught us that the products present their full and full aroma in the growing season. We use fresh herbs, here and there a little chili and a pinch of salt.


Zander fillet roasted on the skin

with baked Parma ham stripe served on kohlrabi leek and sour cream on a potato gratin, coated with a Pinot Grigio sage foam

€ 23,50

Felchen vom Laacher See (about 300 g) grilled and baked

(A fish of the genus salmonid also called whitefish, Rheinanken, Reinanken) served with pumpkin and chard vegetables and potato-parsley-steam

€ 24,50


Roast lamb from the leg of lamb

in the oven with fresh herbs, some garlic, yogurt and root system slowly stewed, on a puree of thick, white beans and fresh mint, served with Mediterranean rosemary and sea salt potatoes

€ 23,50

Beef roulade

stuffed with carrots, celery, bacon, sour cucumber and onions, served with hokkaido pumpkin and kohlrabi vegetables, and parsley-potato-tamping

€ 23,50


Red berry groats

served with vanilla sauce and 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream

€ 5,50

Baked apple cakes

Serves vanilla ice cream and honey-creme fraiche

€ 8,50

Blood orange cream tart

Shortcrust tartlets filled with blood orange slices on pudding cream cream and chocolate icing, served with a ball of vineyard peach sorbet

€ 8,50

Hot drink specials

white chocolate with hazelnuts

white chocolate, hazelnut liqueur, hazelnut syrup, cream

€ 6,50

Hod Toddy

Brandy, port, tangerine juice and lemon juice

€ 6,50

Cocktail ideas

Port Tonic

white port, grapefruit juice, tonic water

€ 7,50

Martini tonic

Martini rosso, Cointreau, elderflower syrup, orange and Schweppes Tonic Water

€ 7,50

Aperol sour

Aperol, mineral water, lemon juice, sugar syrup

€ 7,50


Happy Hour (5 € / Cocktail): Mon – Sun: 6pm-7pm / 10pm-11pm

Aperol, Ramazzotti Rosato, Lillet mixed drinks, Hugo. Of course, we also offer non-alcoholic cocktails.